Quiet People

So I had this experience during my tutor time. Some guy decided to speak about the ‘quiet people’ in the class. He kept going on about that we were only talking to those who made us comfortable and not anyone else and kept whining about how it was rude and that we needed to toughen up and it offended me a little, i have panic attacks if i’m put into an uncomfortable situation. I felt like he was singling me out as he stared at me the whole time he was talking. I like it when they approach me with a conversation as i find it easier to converse this way. I’ve always been a very shy child and it took me 8 years to come out of my shell and talk to new people. I’m very caring towards people but i will not be forced into a conversation even if i have to. That’s how my panic attacks start and i go dizzy, feel nauseated, feel as though i can’t breathe then i pass out… So it’s rude of him to say the quiet people are rude when it’s rude he’s pointed that out and having a go at me and my friends…. Assbutt :/

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